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Javi Valiño

Javier Fernandez Valino 29 years old born in Alcorcon Madrid Spain from a Galician family, a well-known DJ producer and pro dancer of the tv show dancing with the stars. Started playing around with tattoo in 2020 influenced by his friend's wich are Owners of famous tattoo parlors in Spain and Iceland, he has a Graffiti background since 10 years old, finished master in Image and Sound engineering at the age of 20, wich invoices as weel the ART of graphic design, Light design, sound design, and video production. After that, he Studied ART school in Barcelona before moving to Iceland in 2012.
I Love doing tattoos love the way I can Express myself doing it as well love the process of interacting with the costume to make a great meaningful full piece for them. 

My special styles will be black linework and lettering and willing to learn as many styles as possible !! Love doing tattoos and being Creative
Tattoo Lover since a kid

Til þess að bóka tíma hjá Javi er best að senda honum skilaboð á instagram eða facebook. Einnig er hægt að bóka hér í gegnum bókunarkerfið á síðunni. 

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